Sunday, July 1, 2018



Quite a while back, my wife and I were living in West Germany where I was employed as a radar console technician. One evening during that three-year period, I was in a Christian meeting, sitting up front in a small room, holding my guitar and facing an audience of 20 people or so, all Americans from a local Air Force base. I had, for some reason, been invited to share a song and a few words. I began relating an experience.

I don’t remember any details of the story now, except at the end when I hesitated, after saying, “And, I knew it was from God because...” and the pastor seeming to lean forward in his chair in worried anticipation—waiting—as if my credibility could be headed out the window. I then completed the sentence with, “it kept on coming.” The pastor seemed to agree, in relief.

I don’t know where that came from. It wasn’t something I’d thought about. It just came out--“And, I knew it was from God because, it kept on coming.”

Well, the message that seems to be coming my way lately from many directions—and has kept on coming—is that “Home,” is on the inside, where all is well, and true. Not like in isolation but, on the contrary, with a natural connection with the outside, and those around me. God is above all, through all and in us all--is the scripture that comes to mind.

I’ve crossed paths with people in life over the years that have—with unconditional love—a drink of cool water—pointed me in the right direction.

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