Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Peace that Captures my Will

The Peace that Captures my Will

From Him
I thought
I was turning away
That day

When in fact
It was
My struggle
Being left behind

For He met me
As I turned around
And to my surprise
Great peace I found

Yet at times
I labor still
For that peace that finds me

Friday, June 15, 2018

At the Mall

At the Mall

"You are here"
A star on a map
Framed on the wall
Walking the mall

Mannequins mingling in windows bright
A reflected face in glass
Walking alone, hope deferred
A dark deceiver mirrored as I pass

But the Master is here
There’s life all around
“You are here,”
Hope profound

But how do I get there?
To this place called “Here?”
The way is hidden
The door is locked!

I won’t accept
This illusion I see
His call is to all

An Old Man’s Prayer

An Old Man’s Prayer

So where am I now?
And where have I been?
Over the decades
I have strayed

I can see the kingdom
The freedom I knew in youth
But now a rigid remnant shell
Skeletal remains of love passed

Law is where I live now
Unable to give
Of the life
That left me long ago

Show me Oh God, how to love again
Open my scaled, vailed eyes
Free me from this shadow
This sleep

Shake me from my foundation
This ship sunken in dark watery grave
In bitter sediment

Turn me around
To see you again
In timeless splendor

In the glory
Of the Unreachable
To me

I’ll not give up, Oh God
I’ll not bow my head
Weeping in sorrow
Over that which is not lost

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Inside Out

                                  Inside Out

I’m pretty sure that tuning into God is not something I can randomly do with my thoughts exactly, or strength of will. Its more a trust thing I think, and yes, a love thing—personal.

But, sometimes it seems like nothing authentic is in me, and Im at a loss. It’s okay though, I’m finding, to look toward heaven in my spirituality bankrupt state—inside out—and simply trust God.

And, His life and light can’t be captured in any way. Being a control freak, this is tough and tricky for me to grasp.

He knows my predicament, and does not condemn, but in fact understands everything 
absolutely—and loves.

The Principals Office

We are not under the oppression of law, or a guilty conscience.

When I knock on the principal’s office door in my broken state, I find not a finger pointing judge, but a loving parent there.

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What a Strange Journey

                   What a Strange Journey

Maybe it’s all part of the aging process and His grand design, but through faith, God is taking me through a transition, maybe you too, in which He is going from being something impersonal to me—a belief I carried with me like a briefcase, no matter how hard I tried to make it otherwise—to the very life in and around me.

I believe this is the spirit of Isaiah’s words in verse 12:2 when he said:

    I will trust, and will not be afraid;

Life is continually unfolding I guess. And, like the bumper sticker says—what a strange journey it’s been.

Absolute is the rock of Zion
Freeing all who believe
Who fall there and are broken
With the natural eye—unseen

The condemnation of judgment?
Its power is lost
Exposed and defeated
By His light at the cross

By faith we stand joyfully free!
Filled in the inmost part
He is Life
Salvation of the heart

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