Thursday, March 1, 2018

Home - Beyond the City Gate

                Home - Beyond the City Gate

A tenuous walk
For one prone to wander
Holding to His hand
Not veering from the path

Authenticity required
But not easily found
For the wayward heart
On shaky ground

Yet solid is the rock in Zion
Undergirding all who believe
Who fall there and are broken
Support unshakable
Source unseen

For if I live and wander
Only in the city of man
Never leaving my human boundaries
Or passing beyond the city’s gate
I’ll never find my wedding garment
And I’ll never find my path to home

So I’ll meet him there
Outside these winding streets
At a place called home
I can see Him now
Holding my garment as He greets

When strength I need
this place I’ll find
I’ll go without fear
And wait for Him here
Beyond the city gate

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