Monday, January 15, 2018

The Physics of Light

                        The Physics of Light

Not too long ago, I watched a 6-part series on TV called, “The Physics of Light,” mind blowing. The world around us is truly not as it seems.
So, if you leave earth, traveling at 99.99 percent of the speed of light, on your return, what will seem to you to have been 5.2 days, will have in reality been a year, earth time. This is called “Time dilation.” And, is calculated with something called the Lorentz Factor. Who’d have thought!

I had an instructor with the medical instrumentation company I worked for, whose favorite expression when explaining some electronic anomaly was, “All bets are off.” If certain variables all occurred at just the wrong times, he’d say with absolute finality, “All bets are off.”
Life brought me to a place where I found myself having to take a second look at pretty much everything. All bets were off, we’ll lots of them anyway. I did have an established base. Wife, family, and last but not least, a basic faith in an all-powerful God. If you’re a fan of the movie, “The Matrix,” the experience, (less intense now but still ongoing), was similar to Neo’s, just after he chose “The red pill.” Or, maybe it’s like being rebooted like a computer, after having several debilitating viruses removed.


There’s something going around in Japan called Hikikomori. People, mostly younger people, are simply locking themselves in their rooms.

For years.

Some say, it’s due to perceived social pressures to conform, and perform.

I think that for some of us, the new star we’re called to hitch our wagon too, may not feel at first to be nestled safely in with all the rest of the stars in the galaxy like before. And, all that open space is a really scary prospect.

It’s so easy for someone us, maybe with a fragile interior, to allow our connection to people, especially with those in authority, to interfere with our personal connection to God. I believe that if you are properly yoked with the later, the former will follow automatically. And, all will be in undistorted proportion, in proper perspective, and without inner conflict, or anxiety. His yolk is easy, His burden, light.

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