Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Apart from Human Effort

                    Apart from Human Effort

I and the crazy bunch of kids that I ran around with years ago, attended a church meeting back then, in which a leader stood up and announced that, “There is a reality apart from human effort.” That memory has surface in my mind from time to time over the years, and I believe it to be true.

Another time, just a few years later, a military pastor who was speaking to a small Sunday school sized group of us said, “We’re like a light bulb, the filament burns best in a vacuum.”

And again, from and elevated glossy oak pulpit, in a giant stained glassed urban sanctuary, I heard, “Reality is something we grow into.”

And, how about this from a district overseer of a well-known evangelical denomination, “Make a space, and do what you see.”

And, I could come up with other examples of things said just a few short decades ago, by mainstream Christian leaders, that today I think may be to “Mystical” sounding for us.

All that was just to get you ready for this:

A Brighter World - Musings in the spirit of laying under a late-night canopy or stars, looking up.

What if our psyche, or our soul, stood between our core being, or our spirit, and the wide world around us. And, what if, in the course of life, like a lens, it gets damaged, darkening our perceptions, and affecting how we relate to the world.

I’m finding that this shoe often fits, and when I slip it on, by keeping in mind that my take on reality is not always to be trusted, the lights begin to come on.

Childlike Faith

Somehow young children manage to live life and have their being, without the need to insulate, isolate, or protect themselves. I’m finding that it’s OK to let the defenses down with God and allow faith to fully be the mystery that it is, with that indescribable gift from above, a clear conscience.

About That

But, about that “Letting the defenses down.” Sometimes I need help with that. And, I supposedly have given God control of my life. But it’s no fun when the protective walls I’ve built around myself, that separate me from God, begin to come down.

Though I functioned OK until then, I’m thinking the deeper healing process didn’t even begin in my life until this began to happen.

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