Monday, January 1, 2018

A High School Friend

                       A High School Friend

I had a good friend, throughout high school and into my early twenties. We went our separate ways after that. He was a bit of a neat freak, and a tightwad. He’d say things like, “I go to high school, but I don’t let it interfere with my education.” And, when everyone asked him why he insisted on wearing a light jacket in the hot Virginia summer, he’d say, “To keep the heat out.” I still chuckle at the things he said.

 He died in his mid-fifties. Drank himself to death shortly after he retired. I think we had similar challenging experiences at that point in life. But, I had faith in a real God. He did not I guess. He always adamantly resisted Christianity. Looking back, it seems he only saw the human side. The bumper stickers, the music, the social aspects of the Jesus movement of the late sixties and early seventies. Religion only causes problems, he’d say.

 This was all that this logical, eccentric, cynical hardnosed friend of mine saw in Christianity. If he’d known the reality of God and His offer, he’d have not turned away it think.

 The God of this world blinds our minds I guess. He had a girlfriend at the time of his sudden death. Through the grapevine, I heard that just before he died, he appeared at her door with a bouquet of flowers, hoping to patch things up. I’d bet he clung to her, in a distant sort of way. Still clinging to life, still hoping.

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