Thursday, October 5, 2017

Spiritual (Christian) Poems

The Peace that Captures my Will - We have great hope

An Old Mans Prayer - It's never too late

Who Does He Think He Is? - He was rejected by some

The Wounded Soul - Accepted in the beloved

Home - Beyond the City Gate - Not club membership

The Hand of the Nazarene - A Poem of trust

In The Village Market Square - Peace through broken surrender

Mr. Smith Modern Narrative Poem with a Christian message

The "Old Man" A poem about our struggle with our own humanity

Ozzie Poem with a Christian messsge with audio-video narration by Marlon Katsigazi

Waiting for The Storm to Pass - Sometimes you just need to hang in there

The Locket - Short Poem about a lost soul, Christian

Growing Old - Poem of Surrender

A Simple Prayer