Saturday, July 15, 2017

At The Mall

At the Mall

"You are here"
A star on a map
Framed on the wall
Walking the mall

Mannequins mingling in windows bright
A reflected face in glass
Walking alone, hope deferred
A dark deceiver, mirrored as I pass

But the Master is here
There’s life all around
“You are here,”
Hope profound

But how do I get there?
To this place called “Here?”
The way is hidden
The door is locked!

I won’t accept
This illusion I see
His call is to all
I have the key!

Outside the mall entrance
The star is revealed
A blood soaked cross
The heartsick healed

The reflection now?
Love at long last
It's His image I see
Reflected in the glass.

Robert Palmer 9/13/17

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