Saturday, July 1, 2017

In The Village Market Square

In the Village Market Square

There's peace
In the noise and the clamor
As eyes meet
In silent smiling gaze

Through cool mornings predawn mist
And warming haze of daybreak’s glare
In the village market square

A precious little one
Wandering lost
For mothers ever opened hand

How often are they missed?
With open trusting call
In the chaos here
In the village market square

Can we move the church?
Here to the square?
The windows and doors?

Which is greater
Or light?
And what has love to fear?

Only in broken surrender
Can I truly follow Him here
The Heart and Hand of the Nazarene
Through the village market square

The juggler, the vendor
I’ve been the dark stranger
And I’ve been the child lost

But when sins season faded
In emptiness and sorrow
Love heard my call
And guides me safely home

Unknown no more
In His care
In the village market square

Robert Palmer 10/13/17

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