Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mr. Smith

                                 Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith retired from his job of 32 years.
And afterwards, for a while,
he went, sometimes not quietly,
through dark times.
When people, including himself,
out of proportion, a little askew.

But then,
he woke up one morning,
the sun was shining,
the sky was Blue,
and life was simply there for the living again.

"There was a time," thought Mr. Smith,
"When, I would have been content to just smile,
 and go on my merry way."

But Mr. Smith had begun to use the eyes of his faith.
He saw that, he
like the blind man of Bethsaida,
who, after being brought to Jesus,
had received a second touch.

Mr. Smith saw,
that through the foreordained course of life events,
he had been led by the hand of God, out of town.

Where Jesus stood close to him,
spat on his eye's,
and then laid his hands on them,
enabling him to see.

Mr. Smith realized that,
the absolute authority,
had seen behind a closed door,
and into a hidden place,
and knocked.

And knowing who it was, that was at his door,
Mr. Smith opened to him gladly,
and with great joy.

Robert Palmer 5/16/17

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